Garage Door Maintenance & Repair

There’s nothing more important than protecting your farm equipment! You need to have the right type of agricultural machinery so you can get your farming done right. This machinery needs to be protected against inclement weather, rust, and other types of corrosion or damage.
Prevent unwanted elements from getting into your garage.
You want a new garage, but you have to consider all the specifics. Part of that is determining which garage door is right for you and which opener will lift and drop it efficiently. While it might seem as simple as choosing a color and design you like, it goes beyond that!
It’s just around the corner, so you need to start preparing for winter and make sure you’re ready for it.
Ah, the feeling of pulling into your driveway and getting ready to walk into your warm, cozy home. It’s been a long day at work—made to feel even longer by the fact that the sun seems to set after lunchtime these days. You reach up to your sun visor to press the button on your garage door opener and… nothing. You push it again and again, even getting out of your car in the cold to hold it nearer the door. What in the world? You know that there’s nothing wrong with your remote since you just checked it a few days ago. The situation is even worse than a broken remote. You have to reprogram your LiftMaster Chamberlain opener system! Shoot.
Power outages happen no matter where you might live. We’ve all experienced them before. There are few things as stressful – coming home to a house with no lights or waking up to the fact that you’ve overslept because with no power your alarm clock doesn’t work. And being without electricity has implications for just about every area of our lives, and that includes something as seemingly simple as getting out of the house.
When most people think about spring break, they think about fun in the sun. However, that’s not always the case, especially when we’re talking about the garage door spring breaking. These can be quite dangerous to people and property.
Yes, you absolutely should have yearly maintenance checks for your residential garage door. In fact, you should actually have one done twice during the year. As is true with most things, you’re going to have to spend far more time and money fixing something that has become a problem than you would to prevent the problem.
The garage door that works well but looks horrible may not be at the top of your list of home projects. However, you should give it some thought. Not only does a shabby looking door decrease the curb appeal of the home, it may not be in as good condition as you think.
You use your garage door every day to get in and out of your home. You wince as you hear that strange rattle yet again, and promise yourself that you’ll have it looked at eventually. In the meantime, it’s no big deal, is it?

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