Is it Cost Effective to Paint a Garage Door?

Old garage doors

The garage door that works well but looks horrible may not be at the top of your list of home projects. However, you should give it some thought. Not only does a shabby looking door decrease the curb appeal of the home, it may not be in as good condition as you think.

Whether made of wood or metal, the door that is visibly displaying signs of age, rust or discolouration is likely going to be less efficient or even as safe as it should be. It may be time to replace the door rather than just do a bit of cosmetic improvements.

How do you know which option is right? We offer a few tips to help make the right choice.

Consider the Age

The material and general appearance is not as important as the safety of the door, and that means you need to consider its age. An older metal or steel door, or a wood door faded with years might be unsafe. This is because it is what is inside and behind the door that matters.

For example, a hardware system as old as an older door may be rusted, warped, and degraded by time and exposure to the seasons. Wood doors are one of the more challenging issues because they actually become heavier with the years. They absorb moisture, and if the door is a sandwich type, meaning that the inner and outer surfaces are plywood and the interior a wool insulation, it absorbs and holds even more water. Even an inner panel of polystyrene will collect moisture, though that is to a lesser degree.

A solid wood door can be just as problematic as it will also absorb moisture but runs the risk of splitting when it dries out or expands and contracts. Even doors sealed with varnish or paint may fail in this way. Wood that can flex and “breathe” will not deteriorate as quickly, but with even a bit of neglect begins to fail.

Consider the Time Required

Another factor to weigh when deciding to repaint or replace a garage door is the time this requires. Though simple and easy, it is a time‑consuming task and includes finding the right paints in the right colours as well as the steps to properly apply the materials.

If you can set aside the hours it will take, you need to plan it to coincide with the ideal weather. After all, a compromised paint job can often be worse than chipping and flaking paint. So, you’ll have to book enough time for materials to dry and cure properly. That means waiting for the right amount of humidity, the right temperatures and generally dry weather for several days in a row. It has to be 60F to 75F (15C and 25C), and you’ll need to shade the area if it is in full sun.

There is also time needed to prep the surfaces if you are completely changing the colour or eliminating rust on a metal door. There will be the need for sanding, filling, re‑sanding and priming. Primer will allow the paint to properly adhere and last in most weather conditions.

Don’t forget to set aside time long before painting to do any repairs. If the door is metal, it is unlikely to need repairs, but still, it could have some dings and dents. Either way, it could be that you’ll need professional help for repairs prior to painting.

The Cost

If you are beginning to re‑think painting the door rather than replacing it, consider that the time and materials have a price, and it could be close to the cost of a new, more efficient door. For instance, a single garage door can cost around $1000. If your garage door opener is relatively new and works well, it can easily be reused and reconnected to a new garage door.

Get in Touch

Would you like more information before making your choice? If so, just contact us. As garage door professionals who understand door systems inside and out, we can give you advice about the right choices for your needs and budget. If you prefer, we can just easily send you a quotation by email!

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