Why we recommend Garaga

Family owned and operated since 1983, Garaga is Canada’s leading garage door manufacturer. Garaga’s products are built to be durable, reliable, secure and stylish. Their garage doors are made for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial use.

Here at All‑Mont Garage Doors, we happily recommend GARAGA garage doors to our clients for the following reasons:

High Standard of Service

At All‑Mont Garage Doors, we understand the importance of excellent end‑to‑end customer service. We have seen how Garaga strives to give their customers the best possible service, every single time. Thanks to their many years of experience, this manufacturer has the business skills and knowledge no other can measure up to.

Quality Products

Since Garaga is located in Quebec, Canada, their employees understand the importance of keeping a home and garage warm during the cold winter months. That’s why they manufacture garage doors that are reliable and well insulated, made to last for many years. Every GARAGA garage door is built with a thermal bridge which creates a barrier between the cold outside temperature and your home. This innovative construction means a warmer garage and a lower energy bill. The garage door represents up to 40 percent of a typical house’s façade, therefore playing a significant role in the curb appeal of the home. Don’t settle for a boring or ugly door. Choose a stylish, modern GARAGA garage door! Their doors can satisfy any homeowner’s sense of style. Garaga’s many garage door models are both beautiful and practical. Since every door is built with quality materials, Garaga offers their customers a first-rate limited lifetime warranty, valid on most of their garage door models. Garaga proudly stands behind their products.

GARAGA Garage Door Experts

When you choose Garaga, expect only the highest level of professionalism. All Garaga employees are highly trained professionals who meet our standards for skill, experience and customer service. Our customers can count on Garaga’s products to be safe and well built. Every detail is carefully manufactured and inspected. At All‑Mont Garage Doors, we never hesitate to recommend GARAGA garage doors. Whether you need a residential, industrial or commercial garage door system, we know you’ll love a Garaga brand door. As Garaga Experts, we can help you through the planning and purchasing process. We’ll make sure your new garage door is beautifully designed and professionally installed.

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