Is your garage ready to get you through the winter months?

It’s just around the corner, so you need to start preparing for winter and make sure you’re ready for it.

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That starts by making sure that you have certain tools and equipment in your garage so you don’t have to go searching when you need them most.

This blog will help you make sure that your garage is ready to go so you’re not left wondering where your shovels went or whether you even have them.

First things first- Proper garage storage.

While a lot of people won’t start here, it’s an important task. Organizing your garage requires the use of shelves and wall hangings, and is something that everyone should do. That way you won’t be rummaging for hours.

Throughout the year, garages are generally used for work or play, but in the winter months, it’s time to put things away so there’s room to park the car. If you’re planning on using your garage this winter, you’ll want to declutter when you organize.

Get rid of anything that you’re not using or that has no purpose. Anything that’s still useful should be recycled or donated to charity so that you’re not creating as much waste.

What should be on my winter tool list?

For those with snowblowers

Make sure that your snowblower is freshly fueled, has been serviced at the dealer or by a professional, and that it’s full of gas and ready to go. You should change the oil every season if nothing else.

Don’t forget the snow shovels!

A great example of stored shovels in the garage.

Are your shovels in good shape? Any that have wooden handles should be replaced with aluminum or composite models for more durability. The last thing you want is to have your wooden handle snap when you’re trying to shovel that wet, heavy snow.

Abrasive and melters at the ready

  • Stock up on rock salt
  • Consider gravel, sand, or a bag of recyclable kitty litter to add texture so that people don’t slip and fall on ice.

Do you have an emergency generator?

Especially during the winter months, and for those who live in areas prone to outages, this can be a great investment to have on hand.

  • Is it functioning properly?
  • Do you have enough fuel on hand?
  • IMPORTANT: Never run a generator in the garage. There is carbon monoxide in the generator exhaust, which can get into your house and poison you, your family, and even your pets. Hundreds of people die from CO poisoning unnecessarily every year by running generators indoors.

What about your car? Is it ready for winter?

  • Stock up on windshield washer fluid that will help you get through the winter and ensure that you’re always able to see.
  • Find your ice scraper or snow brush. If they aren’t already in the car, put them there now so you’re not out of luck when an early ice storm hits.
  • Where are your jumper cables? These should always be in your vehicle in case you need them, but especially if you’ve got a vehicle you’re parking outside. Find them, and keep them handy.

Keep the fun stuff handy!

Neat ski equipment storage

How about that garage door? Has it seen better days?

Your garage door needs to be ready for winter, just like your car does!

Winter comes with plenty of surprises. A good garage door is a must.

First, it snows. Then, it rains. Finally, it freezes overnight and you wake up to find that your door is stuck in ice.

How long has it been since your garage door got a good tune-up?

Don’t wait until you need a repair to call a garage door specialist.

Count on Garaga dealers to offer a 26-point inspection of your garage door system. We can also adjust, lubricate, and perform any necessary maintenance or repairs to ensure that your garage door is in perfect shape for winter.

You think it’s time your garage door to have a check-up or a much-needed repair?

Contact us now.

Orangeville: 519-942-1956

Mississauga: 905-564-2640

We’ve seen all kinds of strange weather, and it’s never a bad idea to be safe. Our team of specialists can advise you on how to improve your garage door and make it more comfortable this winter for the whole family.

You can even request a quotation by email.

Thinking about a new garage door? Our Design Centre will help you customize and build your own garage door, and even try it on your garage before you decide. Need inspiration? Check out our garage door gallery.

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