March 2, 2018

Is a sectional garage door the best option for my shed?

Why should I install a sectional door on my shed or small garage?

You might be wondering which type of door would provide the most benefits for your small garage, shed or small barn. Is a garage-style sectional door a good choice for these three structures?

It could indeed be the best option. Here are four advantages of sectional doors.

First, take your measurements

Before you get started, you must answer an important question: does your shed or garage exceed the minimum size needed for a sectional door?

First of all, the sectional door needs room to retract. Your shed needs at least 112 ft2 of floor area. You can figure this out by multiplying the length of your structure’s floor space by the width.

Second, you need space to pull the door up under the ceiling. You should have 5 inches (127 mm) of headroom over the head of the door if you plan to use a manual door. For an electric opener, the minimum requirement is 7 inches.

Why a sectional door is the best choice

  • Sectional doors always offer easier access. For example, after a snowstorm, you would have to clear the area outside of your door if you had side‑by‑side swinging doors made of wood or metal. Also, you would not be able to place anything in the swing path of the doors. Since sectional doors open up, not out, this is not an issue.
  • Sectional doors are the best for maximizing storage. Perhaps your side by side doors could swing in instead of out. This would mean that you would never be able to store anything in the inward swing path of the doors. Since sectional doors open upwards, they will allow you to maximize floor space.
  • Sectional doors make parking large items easier. If you put two access doors side by side, you are limited to a maximum width of about 72 inches (or 6 feet). That might be enough room for a snowmobile or ATV, but you won’t have much room to spare.
  • You can use an electric garage door opener with a sectional door. You can roll up and roll in without having to get off your vehicle, tractor or lawnmower to manually open the door. This isn’t doable with two access doors. Just imagine riding up on your motorcycle and, instead of getting off it, you can just use your remote to open the door.

Is sectional for you? Here are the options you need to think about:


What are the door dimensions? They can vary a lot. For our doors, the minimum width is 4 feet (1.2 m). The door can be as wide as you need as long as the measurements are rounded to the nearest inch (25 mm). What about height? This is also flexible, but most doors are between 6′ 6″ and 7′ 0″ (1.98 and 2.1 m) tall.

Door Designs

Our products come with a variety of different designs. They are flush, with thin lines, with rectangular embossed designs, or even with decorative overlays. We have the design and color options so that you can match your door with the color and design of your home or main garage if you would like.


Windows can be used as a design element, but they can also allow more natural light into your shed. This could be a good trait to have if you sometimes use your shed as a workshop or repair space.

Decorative Hardware

If you want to take your design a step further, you may want to look at our decorative hardware options. These accents bring to mind the wrought iron handles and hinges of classic carriage doors.

I’m ready to take the next step

We have a few options for taking the next step in designing your sectional garage door.

  • Contact us at 519-942-1956. We will be happy to send you a quotation via email.
  • Come directly to our showroom so that you can see these options for yourself.
  • Visit our design center to see virtual representations of your doors and their features and design options. You can also view our image gallery.

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