December 29, 2017

Save Money on Your Next Garage Door with These 5 Tips!

Saving Money

Garage door repairs can be one of the more expensive types of upkeep you must do on your home. For just a broken spring and a few worn rollers, you could be looking at a repair bill of $250 or more! Here are five tips for keeping your garage repair costs to a minimum.

Always Choose Quality the First Time

When it comes to your garage door, the old saying of “you get what you pay for” is absolutely true. Don’t expect to have a totally repair‑free garage door for the next decade if you choose a lower quality product from the start. Ask the salesperson about the quality of every garage door you consider. From the thickness of the hardware proponents that are suggested for your system to the overall quality of the system itself, always be sure that you get clarification as to why one component is better than another. Be sure to ask about the exterior weatherstripping as well – some stays more flexible in extreme cold than others, which makes a big difference when it comes to repairs.

You should be asking the same questions about the quality of the garage door itself. How thick is its steel exterior; what type of insulation is used in making its sections; if you have a double garage door, what role will the thickness of the door play in repair costs?

Additionally, consider how important it is to you that the door’s durability doesn’t compromise on its environmental friendliness. Keep in mind that a well‑made door, one that is of higher quality from the start, will last much longer, which reduces waste.

Maintain a Regular Garage Door Maintenance Routine

Many homeowners don’t even realize that a garage door needs some care throughout the year, but as a moving part, it does need a bit of attention. If your garage door is brand new (purchased in the last two years), and you only use it an average amount (opening and closing it around three times or fewer per day), then you likely don’t need to do much at all to the garage door. The first two years should be relatively maintenance‑free. However, should anything start to sound or move oddly – if you hear a strange noise, or if the door operates in a way that is out of the ordinary – you should check into it. The only maintenance you may need to do in this time is to identify the source of any problems.

If your garage door is over two years old, it’s a good idea to maintain a regular tune‑up schedule with a garage door repair specialist. Having a tune‑up during that third year of use is a very wise idea. Did you know that a repair specialist will go through a 26‑point program that involves checking, adjusting and lubricating your complete door system? That’s a total tune up!

Otherwise, it’s a good idea to regularly lubricate the hardware components that move against each other, such as the springs, rollers and hinges, as well as all the exterior PVC frame weatherstripping. Use a silicone‑based lubricant for this task.

Address Any Repair Concerns Right Away

Another thing homeowners don’t realize is just how important it is to have the garage door repaired when anything goes wrong. It’s not enough if just one element, like the door opener, still works, if another element is broken. Leaving it like this means that eventually, the broken element will get critical, and therefore more expensive. The majority of service calls made by garage door specialists are about faulty springs. Either the spring was broken or so worn that it no longer could serve correctly as a counterweight for the door. This can be dangerous if allowed to get worse, so it’s wise to call an experienced garage door professional immediately.

Don’t Try to DIY a Garage Door Repair

You wouldn’t want an inexperienced person installing a new electrical outlet in your home, so why choose to repair a garage door yourself if you don’t have that experience? Yes, you should keep a close eye on your garage door and maintain it well to prevent surprised. But don’t forget that this system has a lot of tension that must be exactly right to keep the system operating safely. Changing a spring or a broken cable on your own could result in serious injury. Everything from the spring, drum, lift cable, and bottom bracket, is all connected under this high amount of tension that is required to hold the door’s weight. This weight may vary between 130 and 400 lb. (60 and 180 kg) depending on the width and its composition (wood, steel, all glass, etc.). That’s a lot of weight that could harm you or someone else.

Choose the Right Garage Door Repair Company

Having repairs done by a professional company is the final step to saving money on repairs. That’s because it’s far cheaper to have one repair, by an experienced pro, than to need two or more by a cheaper company with less experience. Sometimes, less experienced professionals may not understand an easy fix, which could result in you being advised to change your whole door system or choose a more expensive and unnecessary repair.

Be sure that you are doing business with people who a friend or relative can recommend to you, one where they have many years of experience and numerous satisfied customers. And if you ever doubt the experience of a company, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion!

And Remember…

We are here to help you save money and stay safe with your garage door. You can contact us at 1-800-957-5865 We’ll show you our reviews, so you’ll know that we are the real garage door specialists in your area.

Service calls are rarely resolved over the phone – we typically meet with you face to face to go over your concerns. For a well‑done, professional repair job, we will provide a detailed inspection at the property. Then, we will send you a detailed, written quotation by email.

If you suspect your door needs to be changed entirely, or you want a whole new look, you can get an idea of what a new door would look like with our Design Centre, or our image gallery.

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