The perfect gathering place: tips for turning your garage into the ideal party space

Who hasn’t dreamed of having the perfect spot for entertaining within their home, whether you want to enjoy the sophistication of a cocktail party, or just have the guys over to watch the big game? There’s good news – with a few tips and pointers, you can turn your garage into the ideal party space. Here’s what you need to know.

Glass of beer

End of the week gatherings

There’s no doubt that you’ve seen TV shows or movies where the garage is used as a place for poker games, for watching sports, and for other get-togethers. Why is that? It’s because the garage is possibly the most perfect space in the home for that purpose, and that includes for Friday night gatherings.

To get started, you’ll need to work on decluttering the space. Obviously, the car has to go if you’re parking in the garage. You’ll also need to take care of those tools, that stack of boxes, and those building supplies you never seem to get around to using. If something is completely unnecessary, get rid of it completely. Otherwise, find somewhere else to store it, like in the attic or in your storage building.

For your get together, you really only need a small part of the garage. Rearrange things so that you can put a new definition to the room – you’re defining the space where your friends will congregate. Pull out an old couch from the house, add some chairs, and mount a TV to the wall. A small table can hold the beer and snacks, and that card table is ideal for your poker night.

Opening things up

If the weather is cold, or it’s raining outside, you’ll want to keep the garage door shut. However, if the weather is nice and it’s warm outside, you’ll need to open the garage door. That will help usher in a cool breeze. You can increase the amount of ventilation with strategically placed fans if you like.

With that being said, you might choose to keep the garage door closed for privacy, or for warmth. Make sure that the door is working properly, so that when your gathering finally ends, your guests can leave through it, rather than going through the house and disturbing your family.

If you find that there are any issues with your garage door, you can get in touch with us, the garage door repair and sales experts. Don’t attempt any repairs on your own – garage doors can be incredibly dangerous if you do not have the right knowledge and tools. Ask us for a free quote, and let our experts come to your aid.

You can also use our Design Centre to view new garage door options, or peruse our image gallery if you like. There’s a garage door for any need.

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