January 26, 2018

Indications that a garage door business isn’t legitimate

How to Identify Less-Than Professional Garage Door Businesses

When you first come across a garage door business, it can be difficult to determine if it is legitimate and serious. What’s worse is that having one bad experience with a single company can leave you wary of all the others that are out there. One company that doesn’t handle itself professional can undermine all of the other garage door specialists out there who are professional and capable of providing you with excellent work.

That’s why we want to offer you some tips to recognize the companies out there that are amateur or incapable of providing you what they promise. We’ll also look at what they say to convince you of the opposite. When working with a company, you should be impressed by their professionalism and integrity which will represent the entire garage door industry well. Here are some tips for determining the company you’re considering may not be the best fit.

How does the company operate?

  • They can be found in large cities and highly populated places where it’s impossible to know everyone. With minimal name recognition, determining the skill level of someone through a phone call can be difficult. Those who have lived in smaller areas where you know everyone around will understand the difference here.
  • Their advertisements will be found in numerous phone directories, both online and in print. Often these companies will place large ads, perhaps even full page, in print phonebooks and other directories.
  • You can find the business under various aliases, without a single fixed address. There are often many different phone numbers along with claims that they cover many large metro areas.
  • They make claims about being the absolute best in everything. This often applies to emergency work along with claims to provide rush service to offer repairs for your garage door.
  • The ads or website will feature many photos of service trucks or other vehicles which don’t match up to the ones that they have access to.
  • They are attempting to wow you in whatever way possible.

Things to be suspicious about…

  • Any promises of emergency service or 24‑hour repairs. The company may be capable of providing this service, but you should determine what the hourly rates are for it.
  • If they need to come back to your property more than once to complete a job that could have been done the original This often occurs due to a lack of experience and not having proper replacement parts available in their truck.
  • Always be aware of offers of copious discounts, especially when they sound unbelievable.
  • If you find they are using a subcontractor to complete their work, especially if the contractor has no access to a company vehicle, and who is on the job merely to pay the bills.
  • If there is no fixed place of business or a warehouse where an inventory of parts is available that can help repair your garage door.
  • If they seem unaware of things related to the trade, such as coercing you into replacing your entire garage door with an all-new one, especially when a single repair would be enough.

Research, ask questions, and investigate

  • Any reputable company will be happy to provide you with a list of satisfied clients who live in the area and have had repair work done or a new garage door installed. Make a point to contact these references to get insight into how satisfied they are with the service they received.
  • Ask questions of people close to you, like friends, relatives, and co‑workers, and see what they think about the company and their reliability.
  • Whenever possible, stop by the location of the business, and determine for yourself how customers are served. Even if this isn’t possible, you can visit Google Street View to check out the address and view what the business looks like.
  • Realize that most serious and reputable garage door businesses will be capable of providing you with two or three options, such as purchasing a new door or repairing a component.

Keep in mind…

You should always be wary about selecting a garage door company. You can contact us at 1-800-957-5865 anytime. We are garage door specialists located in your area. We have a place of business that we would be happy to provide and can also offer many reviews from satisfied customers. We would also be delighted to provide you with a detailed written quotation that can be emailed to you.

Until then, if you are interested in changing out your garage door, our website allows you to design what it might look like using our design center. You can also browse our extensive image gallery.


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