October 27, 2017

Garage flooring: what are my options?

Porcelain Garage Flooring

The floor of your garage gets quite a daily workout, meaning that it shows signs of wear long before other floors in your home. There are tire marks, oil stains from various types of equipment stored in the garage, bikes, sporting equipment…and that’s all before we even get to the dirt that your car tracks in!

You might wonder what the best type of flooring for you garage is. Prior to doing anything, there are a few things to think about when it comes to choosing the proper product for you:

  • dependability
  • the type of protection you desire
  • the look or style you want
  • your budget

No matter which kind of flooring you decide to go with, proper preparation of the concrete is essential for success. Any cracks on the floor need to filled in prior to applying the coating or installing the coverings.

Epoxy paint

This is an extremely popular type of paint for consumers. It is even possible to apply this paint on your own using the right mix of products, or you can have it completed by a professional. Epoxy is rather resilient as far as paints go. It repels oil and water stains. You have control over the coating finish by choosing the kind of flakes and chips. Epoxy is simple in regard to upkeep, and it is not difficult to clean, particularly if you use a squeegee on the floor.

Epoxy Paint Garage Flooring

Covering the garage floor with floor pain

Painting the garage floor is the most affordable way to resurface it. An easy to apply latex based pain is often used on concrete floors. However, this is more vulnerable to oil and gas stains. You will need to clean it quickly if there is ever a spill. This kind of paint will usually last up to two or three years and is simple to clean. You can also choose acrylic-type paints for concrete floors and acrylic stains. Speak to a paint specialist to learn how to properly prepare the surface for application of the product you select and the types of paints that are available.

Painting Garage Flooring

Rubber, vinyl composition or porcelain tiles

Certain types of tiles are also possible for your flooring, but they tend to be a bit pricier than the other options. In regard to durability, finish, and maintenance, however, they really cannot be beaten.

  • Snap together tiles

    These come in multiple color varieties, and it is even possible to design the shape you want by making use of design software. These tiles are composed of rubber, making them flexible. They’re simple to clean; a broom or vacuum will suffice. There is also rubber matting that you can roll out on top of the garage floor as opposed to using tiles that need to be linked together.

  • Vinyl composition tiles

    You will usually find these in grocery stores. They measure 12 x 12 inches and are 1⁄8 of an inch thick. You will find them in glossy finishes, and you will love the fact that they are not easily stained.

  • Porcelain tiles

    Thicker than ceramic tiles, these types are among the more durable tiles for your garage floor. You can put them in the same way you would ceramic tiles in your kitchen.

Depending on what you like and need, you are certain to be pleased with one of the three options discussed here, and this will increase the value of your garage. Speak to a professional who will go into more detail about the different types of garage flooring available to you.

Don’t forget about your garage door

Garage Flooring Vinyl
Garage Flooring Vinyl

If your garage door is in need of some fine‑tuning or you want a new one altogether, contact us at 519-942-1956.

We are able to get you a quote by email or pay a visit to your home to showcase the entire array of garage doors that you can find on the market. We can help you decide on the best choice for you, depending on your individual taste and financial means. If you do opt to change out your garage door, just to get a feel for what it will look like, take a look at our design centre or view our photo gallery.


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