When garage doors go wrong – do I need an all new door or can I repair it?

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Have you noticed your garage door isn’t working quite as it should? Does it make strange noises or seem as if it may stop working? There’s no time like the present for finding out exactly what is wrong and how you can fix it. Sometimes waiting is okay, but garage doors can become unsafe, so the best day for repairs is today!

That said, there are some reasons for your garage door to stop working or work less reliably than it did in the past. Depending on the problem, the solution may be simple, or it might be a bit more complicated. Read on for a few of the most common problems and where they may be originating from.

When to repair your garage door

It probably makes sense that correcting a particular part of the door tends to be less expensive than replacing the entire door. In addition, a repair is more likely to be possible if you catch a problem quickly. By allowing a problem to get worse, it may become a severe issue that may require more work or a full replacement.

  • The door starts to close and moves to do so but then pops back open

    Many of the calls that come into garage door specialists involve the electric door opener. When the problem mentioned here is the problem, it occurs based on the photo eyes of the safety reversing system being misaligned. That means one of the photo eyes units has moved to some degree. This is an easy fix, but if you find that the wire between the two eyes is severed, you should immediately call a garage door expert for help.

  • The door seems to take a long time to open and close

    This is another common problem and usually happens when the spring system has broken or lost some tension. This causes the door open to work harder, with the gear system making noises that sound like thumbs. There’s an easy way to check whether this is the problem. Pull the release cord on your door and open it by hand. If it seems heavy, it’s a sign that one of the springs is broken or has lost most to all tension. If that’s the case, call a garage door technician for help.

  • The door vibrates or seems jerky when it is opening

    When this occurs, it is often a sign that one of the lifting cables has become very frayed or has completely broken. You can discover for sure by looking at the vertical tracks that can be found on each side. Another possibility is that a roller has broken or moved off of its track. Either way, you should get help from a garage door expert as soon as possible.

  • You hear a loud, but quick noisex

    This is a slightly rarer situation as most garage doors are made with strong tracks, or even commercial grade tracks for a larger door. This problem typically occurs because a track is twisted or bent or has been damaged being hit by a car or other large object. This should be fixed immediately as it can be dangerous.

    All the cases previously mentioned can be challenging and dangerous to repair by yourself. It’s a good idea to contact a professional who specializes in garage doors to do things right and keep your safety intact.

When to Replace your garage door

Some people may think that an older door should be replaced if a problem sprouts up, but that isn’t always true. Some garage doors that are two decades old operate excellently. This usually comes about when an owner takes good care of the door and has it repaired when anything goes wrong. They have also likely properly lubricated the door at least every six months. That said, there are some reasons why a replacement can be a good idea, sometimes related to the door but other times relating to the entire garage door system.

  • A piece of the door section has sustained massive damage

    Perhaps someone has pulled into the garage quickly and dented the bottom of the door. Or maybe a family member backed into something in the garage, pushing the object into the door. Continuing to use the door, when it is severely damaged or broken, may cause further damage of many kinds. One of the effects may be rust on the metal where it is scratched or dented, which leads to the door deteriorating faster.

  • The door and system have been used in harsh situations and environments

    A rough environment, such a humid climate, can cause problems to a door. This is particularly the case for a door that is standard, without any insulation of heat. This will lead to rust, which can build up and cause problems quickly.

  • You want to sell your home, and quick

    Changing your garage door can be an easy way to improve the look of your home, and maybe make it easier to sell. It can also add real value to the home, allowing you to ask for a higher price.

Some final advice

Making a good decision is important, whether you need to replace or repair your garage door. You have to consider the safety of yourself and your family above all else. The good news is we offer a highly-skilled advisor so that you can contact us now at 519-942-1956.

We are happy to provide you with a quotation by email for whatever your needs. We’re also more than glad to visit you at home to explain the different doors in our extensive range. Also, we have the skill and education to help you make an excellent choice. In addition, if you want to see what a new door might look on your home, use our design center or get inspiration from our image gallery.

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