July 27, 2018

Best Reasons You Need to Get a New Electric Garage Door Opener Now

Old garage door opener

Do you have an old garage door opener that was put up decades ago? Maybe your opener is only 10 to 15 years old, and you think that it can still last for a while. Still, when you have an old garage door opener, it has the potential to cause some problems and be less efficient. It might be time to make a change.

The following are some of the top reasons that you are going to want to consider getting a new opener so you can move into the current century! There are some great features out there that will help to make the door opener easier to use, and safer, as you will see.

Improved Safety for Family

First and foremost, you want the garage to be a safe place for your family and your pets. After all, you are likely use the garage door to get into and out of the house quite often, and that means that there are people and pets that could be at risk when you have an old door. Older door openers, such as those that were made before 1993, do not have the same safety systems in place as the newer doors. These older doors would only have a mechanical automatic reversal system. If the door comes into contact with anything, it automatically reverses.

LiftMaster garage door opener

Electronic door openers that had only this system were not always reliable, and they could still have accidents. Therefore, systems that were made after 1993 also utilize photo eyes. This system ensures that there is a secondary safety precaution that is in place. There are units placed to either side of the door about four to six inches from the floor. There is a beam of light that passes from one to the other. If this beam is broken, then the door will go up automatically.

Do Not Let Intruders Into the Home

The older garage door systems that were using DIP switches for their codes were easy for thieves to crack. You want to make sure that the items in your garage, and your home in the case of an attached garage, are safe. Fortunately, with the doors that have been made since 1993, there is now the creation of rolling codes. The doors from 1993 to 1996 had the Security+ system, which allowed for many millions of codes. Those made after 1996 have billions of rolling codes. The code to the garage door changes after each use, which means it is extremely difficult for someone to get the code to your door opener.

Connect the Home


Today, having phones, tablets, and laptops that connect to various appliances and function in the home is not just a pipe dream; it is a reality. Chamberlain Group (LiftMaster and Craftsman) have offered the technology MyQ since 2013. There is even the addition of WiFi that has been added to garage door. This was implemented in August of 2017.

Noise Reduction

Another reason that it might be time to replace the electric garage door opener is to help reduce the amount of noise it produces as it goes up and down. Doors that are older and that have chain drives tend to be quite loud. You can minimize this noise relatively easily when you choose newer systems that utilize rubber belts. These have been shown to be substantially quieter and will likely be a much better option for you.

You can also replace your metal rollers with white or black nylon rollers, which helps to make things even quieter. Having a quiet door is especially important if there are bedrooms located nearby.

Power Problems

Do you happen to have power outages in your area at least a couple of times per year? If you do, then you know how frustrating it can be if you want to get your vehicle into or out of the garage at that time. Fortunately, things are much easier when you choose a newer door that has a backup battery, such as models 8500, 8500W, 8550W and 8360W from LiftMaster. Even if the power goes out for a long time, you will still be able to open and close the garage door about 20 times, which can be quite useful.

Time for the New Door

Now that you know some of the most important reasons that you will want to consider getting a new electronic garage door opener, it is time that you got in touch with use by contacting us, toll free, at 1-800-957-5865. We can explain your options and what will work well for your door and budget. We can also provide you with an email quotation.

You might also want to meet us in the showroom. Consider checking out the design center to see what might work for you, and be sure to look at some offerings that are in the image gallery.

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