September 9, 2016

5 steps for regaining control of your garage

Reclaim Your Garage Space in 5 Easy Steps!

Reclaim control of your (garage) space!

Have you recently stood in front of your open garage and noticed that it’s a complete mess? Are there things in there that are no longer being used, things you haven’t touched for a decade or more?

Often, when winter rolls around, we want to park our car indoors but there isn’t room enough. So read on and learn how you can regain control of your garage and take advantage of all this space while as well maximizing the area to fit your needs.

Step # 1: Clean‑up time!

Find a sunny day and place the following items in your driveway:

  • Things to be thrown away,
  • Things to be recycled
  • Things that can be reused by others, such as charities,
  • Things that can be sold at a garage sale,
  • Things that you really want to keep and that you’ll use in the next months.

Certainly, it may pain you a little, but it has to be done.

Step # 2: Interior finish and insulation of the garage

Now that you’ve emptied your garage, ask yourself if you want to insulate it, because maybe you’d like to use it as a workshop or place where the kids can play. For the insulation of a single garage, that can include a vapor barrier and drywall. If you want to do the installation yourself, plan an amount around $1300 (and double if you want it all done by someone else).

Next, plan the type of interior finish. Often garages have drywall with a good coat of paint. Sometimes, to protect the lower 4 or so feet of wall from splashes, a border of PVC exterior siding is installed vertically, in place of the drywall, directly on the studs.

Step # 3: Make a plan

Use graph paper and take the measurements of your garage. Sketch in the objects that have fixed locations (ex: electrical appliances, additional fixtures for a future workbench, electrical outlets, sinks, etc.) drawing them as precisely as possible to scale. If you are skilled with using design software programs, use it to record your measurements.

Be sure to draw the distance on each side of the garage door so you can evaluate if you can place shelving there, either in wood or metal.

Make a note of the total wall space from the floor to the ceiling. If you have a 7‑ft-high garage door and the height of your ceiling is 10 feet, you can use this space over the garage door. In addition, measure the space between the two horizontal tracks and take into account the space used by the door opener.

Determine the space you want to allocate for each item:

  • a workbench,
  • a refrigerator or freezer,
  • seasonal tools,
  • sports articles,
  • etc.

While you are allocating space, ask yourself if you need electrical outlets. Also think about lighting, especially if you are going to use it regularly. Lastly, see if the floor will need a new coat of paint, not forgetting to apply a primer if the floor is bare concrete.

Step # 4: Establish your list of priorities

Once your plan is complete, establish your priorities based on your budget. There are some jobs that you cannot do yourself, like the electrical work. Contact a qualified electrician and have them give you an estimate of the work to be done.

Determine the material you will need. If you do it all in wood by yourself, it will certainly be the most economic approach.

However, if you prefer to use metal storage systems and plastic cases, there is a wide choice and prices vary a lot. The same applies to the floor finish, the walls and the accessories you want to install there. Based on the size of your wallet, you can easily invest between $15,000 and $25,000.

If you are looking for ideas for layouts that you can do yourself, type into Google “garage storage organization ideas”, then click on “Images”. You will have access to hundreds of picture that will meet your needs.

Step # 5: The garage door and its door opener

If you are undertaking a garage transformation project, don’t forget the garage door and it door opener, especially if you’ll be using your garage more often. Choose an insulated garage door that is weatherproof. There’s no shortage of choices. You will feel much more comfortable and you’ll enjoy spending a few hours on that favorite DIY project of yours.

Place a request for a service call online or contact us at 519-942-1956. We will guide you in making the best possible choice, keeping in mind the architectural style of your house, your tastes and the budget you’ve set aside to complete your project.

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