2022 Trends: The Hottest Home Exterior Designs and Garage Door Options

If you’ve been taking a long, hard look at your home in recent years, you’re not alone. In the wake of the pandemic, home improvements have risen dramatically.

“We’re all more focused on feeling good at home, so why shouldn’t our renovations ensure that we’ve got a space that’ll do it all? – Sarah, owner of Real Architecture.

Modern style poolside garden house with California full view garage door, 12' x 7', Black aluminum profile, Clear glass

Love how these panoramic garage doors open up the inside and connect it with the outdoors? If so, you’ll adore this 12' x 7' California all-glass garage door. It’s shown here in black with clear glass windows, which creates a great place for relaxation.

Finding Your Architectural Style

Are you planning to renovate your home? Perhaps you’re finally building your dream home. Whatever the case, it pays to know what trends are hot in today’s world, as well as which ones fit your personal sense of style. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at four trends so you can decide with confidence.

Transitional Home Designs

2 story Transitional / Modern Farmhouse / Scandinavian style house plan, 2 single garage doors, in Flush design and Black colour

This is a Transitional style home, created by Anne Paquet Design and it pairs perfectly with our Flush design garage doors in Black.

“Precision is fading away. Today’s homeowners want something elegant and beautiful, but also timeless.” – Ashley, at Anne Paquet Design.

If you want a home exterior that will stay on point and in demand for years to come, we highly recommend considering the Transitional style. It’s something of a combination of modern and traditional, and you might hear it called classic modern or neo-modern.

You’ll find that this design is largely marked by symmetrical, straight lines. The Transitional style also uses a range of neutral color tones, including warm white, brown, gray, and beige. When wood is used, it’s usually white oak.

Close-up image on a Moderno 2-beads garage door, 12' 6" x 9', Black, Azure windows

Clean, straight lines are important for a garage door with a Transitional style home. This door features the Moderno 2 beads design, measures 12' 6" x 9', in black, with Azure windows.

It’s important that your garage door maintains the style of the rest of the home. Clean lines and symmetrical designs are important. We recommend the Flush or Moderno 2 beads designs.

Modern Home Designs

Modern style house plan including various proportions and wood insertions for more energy. Double garage with all-glass California garage doors, Black frame, Sandblasted Glass for more privacy

This is a Modern home design from Anne Paquet Design. In this instance, the design is flattered by California full-view garage doors. You’ll notice that the black frames connect with the windows and bring the entire thing together while fostering privacy for residents.

Most people no longer want very square homes. Today, we like to mix proportions and shapes to create differentiated living spaces. Asymmetrical designs give a sense of more energy and mimic life in a way that symmetrical designs do not.

Modern style homes are best suited for specific colors. We recommend white, gray, and black. If you intend to use wood inserts, go with something warm, such as blonde wood. Natural stone inserts also work very well here. As a note, Modern design is best accompanied by large windows.

Close-up of a contemporary house with an exclusive Vog design garage door, 9' x 7', Black, Harmonie windows left

Love one-of-a-kind style? Vog garage door is available only from Garaga and works very well with Modern homes. We also recommend that you tie into it with the Novatech entry door.

Modern homes really benefit from the right garage door. We have a few that we would recommend, including:


Moderno multi


These should be highlighted in the right colour. Our favorites are Black, Iron Ore Walnut, and Charcoal.

Farmhouse/Modern Farmhouse Homes Designs

The Farmhouse design has been around for centuries, and according to designers, it’s still incredibly popular. It has also spawned a similar style. – Modern Farmhouse designs.

A black and white modern farmhouse style 2-story house with a double Cambridge CM Design garaage door. Plan #22001 from Plan Image.

Talk about contrasts! This is an elegant Modern Farmhouse Style house designed by Plan Image # 22001. You’ll find plenty of rustic elements to love, but also a touch of modern flair in the exterior lighting and warm woods. The garage is quite large, taking up about half of the façade, so it’s important to make an informed decision here. We really recommend the Cambridge CM design, from the Townships Collection.

Farmhouse design can lean rustic or modern, but however you cut it, it’s one of the most popular home trends for 2022 and beyond. It’s largely dominated by neutral colors like white, gray, and black, and most of these homes feature sleek, pseudo-modern design elements. It really is a combination of Scandinavian, Country, and Modern styles.

The 14 Best Garage Door Designs for Farmhouse Homes

If you love the Farmhouse/Modern Farmhouse designs, you will absolutely love the garage doors designed for them. Many of them are designed to mimic the swinging doors of the past, completely with overlays made from durable PVC in a variety of shapes. This allows you to achieve the look of wood without the need for intensive maintenance. They’re also available in 10 different colors to help match your home’s aesthetic.

All white Farmhouse style home. The 2 Princeton P-21 single garage doors add a bucolic touch to this country home. Design Credit: Shoana Jensen | Photo Credit: Arthur Mola

This tone-on-tone Farmhouse design is more than a little eye-catching. You’ll notice that the two single garage doors make up a significant percentage of the home’s front, which means that you need to make smart decisions when it comes to the doors you choose. Our recommendations? The doors pictured are Princeton P-21 designs. Design Credit: Shoana Jensen | Photo Credit: Arthur Mola

Want to elevate a Farmhouse or Modern Farmhouse home? It’s as simple as choosing a garage door with decorative overlays from the Townships Collection. You could really make your home pop with an all-black Princeton P-12 garage door, but an Ice White garage door or a tone-on-tone option could be just as stunning.

Love Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse styles? HousePlans will help you get your fill.

Scandinavian Home Designs

Scandinavian Style house plan. Its blond wood contrasting with black windows and front door, as well as the gable and beams over the entry door, which echo the triangular window and the slope of the roof.

This is a typical Scandinavian home design from Sarah Moore of Real Architecture. The blonde wood immediately draws your eye, but then it moves on to the oversized windows and the gables. It’s really a less-is-more approach that relies on a few bold elements and streamlined overall design to create a unique aesthetic.

Scandinavian homes are inviting, open, and warm. They exude a cottage-like style, and you may even find it reminiscent of a spa or resort.

Within this style, you’ll find that lighter colors dominate. Most are also warm, rather than cold. Unfinished woods are not uncommon. That might sound hard to match when it comes to choosing a garage door, but that’s not the case. We recommend the following garage doors:


Cambridge CL

Shaker-Modern XL


All of these will pair well with Scandinavian-style homes, particularly in Black or Charcoal.

Color and Material Choices for Your Home

It’s important to choose the right textures and colors for your home. Below, we’ll run you through some of the most common and help you understand their benefits.

Vinyl, cedar shingles, brick, and stone. These materials offer warmth and lots of texture. However, we recommend that you avoid bright colors. They’re best in dark, neutral, and natural shades. For instance, avoid bright red and opt for weathered maroon, or go with sun-bleached white or gray for your siding.

Fiber cement panels and planks. These panels and planks are very strong, and they work well with Scandinavian and Farmhouse/Modern Farmhouse designs very well.

Wood inserts. Wood can be beautiful, elegant, and warm. It can also be used for many different purposes, from dormers to gables to uprights. Even arches are being used again today. Dark, neutral, and light tones are also useful. Naked wood pairs best with Farmhouse, Modern Farmhouse, and Scandinavian homes. Most Modern designs don’t use exposed wood, though.

● What if you want your garage door to match your home’s exterior siding? Explore the FAQ about GENTEK and ROYAL colours.

Cedar shingled house, double garage with Princeton P-23 garage doors, 8' x 7', Chocolate Walnut doors and mouldings and 8-pane Panoramic windows

Want the beauty of wood but not the maintenance? Check out these garage doors with overlays that look like custom-made wood doors. These are 8' x 7' Princeton P-23 garage doors with Chocolate Walnut doors and overlays.

Insulation and Other Considerations You Must Make

Is your garage door attached to your home? If so, you’ll need to pay attention to garage door insulation. Particularly if you have living space behind or above the garage, a well-insulated door will help ensure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible. It’s about saving money all year long, but also ensuring your comfort in your own home.

The Princeton P-12, 9' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut garage doors and Ice White overlays, 8-pane Panoramic windows really enhance this Craftman home while providing R-16 insulation.

These Princeton P-12 garage doors add to the style of this home, but they also offer R-16 insulation that protects the interior from temperature fluctuations. Each door also includes 8 lite Panoramic windows to maximize natural light, making that space one of the most sought-after in the home. We love the Walnut Ore color here, but they can also be had in Black or Ice White if you prefer.

When it comes to choosing a better garage door, it really comes down to finding one with a higher the R-value. The higher the R-value, the more it will insulate your space and prevent unwanted heating or cooling. Don’t forget that the garage door acts as the fourth wall for the space, and omitting insulation here means that you’ll be losing a lot of energy.

Made in Canada, Garaga garage doors are specifically designed for the weather extremes that we see, from ultra-cold winters to sweltering summers. We also go to great lengths to ensure that these doors are weather tight, with stout rubber seals throughout.

Looking for energy-efficient products? We’ve got you covered. We recommend:

Standard+ Construction

Townships Collection Construction

Both of these collections offer R-16 protection for your garage.

This small California all-glass garage door  brings a lot of light into the all white office of this lady from Montreal, Canada.

This Montreal homeowner knew that an all-glass garage door would make her space colder than what would be possible with insulated steel but decided to use one for her garage-turned-home-office. The result is a lovely space with an abundance of light, even when the weather is cold.

Adore those all-glass panoramic garage doors like the California? Us, too!

One thing to keep in mind about these doors is that they are made with aluminum. While it’s sturdy, it is also a good thermal conductor. What that means is California doors aren’t going to give you the same level of protection you’d see from insulated steel doors that feature polyurethane foam. However, they’re unmatched in their ability to create beautiful indoor spaces filled with light. Like everything else, they have benefits and drawbacks, so you’ll need to make your own choice.

You’re All Done – Ready to Choose Your New Garage Door?

On the fence about changing out your garage door? Don’t fret about it. Believe it or not, it’s one of the three top renovations projects for improved home value, so it’s a wise decision.

The challenge is that most of us only buy one or two garage doors in our lives. We’re not familiar with how to shop for them, how to compare our options and choose the best door for our needs. The good news is that our expert team is familiar with the process and we’re happy to help you.

Call All-Mont Garage Doors's expert team at 519-942-1956.

Our experienced professionals will guide you through the entire process and help you choose the right door based on:

● Your home’s style

● Your personal aesthetic

● Your budget

You want to make an informed decision here. Remember that a good quality door can last up to 25 years. That makes it important to choose wisely. That’s why we’re here – to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Need a bit more inspiration before taking the dive?

Spend some time browsing our image gallery. You’ll discover a wealth of options here.

Want to go the custom route? Use our Design Centre to sort your options in terms of size, shape, windows, configuration, embellishments, and more. Once you’re done, just upload a picture of your home and try the custom door on for size. It’s that simple!

Already have your eye on a particular door? If you’ve already decided on a door, just hit us up for a detailed quote by email.

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