Use the Garage for Your Next Party

Throwing a party, or even just having a cookout at your home can be a lot of fun, as well as a lot of work. You want to make sure that everyone who comes to the party has a good time and is comfortable, and sometimes you might worry that you are going to run out of space. Well, when you use the garage, you can add to the square footage you have available for the party.
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Your Garage Door Is Stronger Than You Realize

Most people never stop to think about just how strong their garage door needs to be or the amount of work that it does, just to keep things safe. To be considered a worthy garage door, they need to go through certain performance challenges first. We’ve checked out a variety of these challenges, including many that most owners would never even think about. When you learn some of the things that your garage door goes through, you will never look at it the same way again, and you will realize just why it is so important to make sure you have a high-quality garage door for your home. Read More

Do You Really Need to Insulate Your Garage?

Are you trying to figure out whether you really need to heat and insulate your garage, or if there are regulations that make you do it? There are some government entities that say the common walls or shared ceilings in an attached garage are required to have a specific R-value, but there are no requirements for the garage door and other walls. And if you have a detached garage, there aren’t any rules you have to follow at all.
So that leads to why you would even consider tackling an insulation project in your garage. For most, it just comes down to “comfort,” since you don’t really want to deal with humid or freezing conditions when trying to take on that DIY project.
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Does your garage need two single doors or just a large double door?

You’ve been designing your new home and you’re at the garage. One developer is showing you plans with a large double door. Another one comes to you with plans that have two single doors. Which one should you use? That all depends on the design of the rest of the home, and depending on that you’ll want to complement your garage accordingly. Some look better with two singles, others with a double. The following rules of thumb will help you make a decision about which style of garage door will best fit your home’s style.
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Find the Right Lighting Choices for Your Garage

Have you been trying to figure out exactly what type of lighting you should add to you’re the garage you are putting up? Maybe you already have a garage and you’ve found that the lighting that’s in place simply doesn’t do the job. It might not be providing you with enough light to do everything you need. Let’s look at some simple tips that can help you improve the lighting situation in the garage area.
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5 steps for regaining control of your garage

Reclaim control of your (garage) space!

Have you recently stood in front of your open garage and noticed that it’s a complete mess? Are there things in there that are no longer being used, things you haven’t touched for a decade or more?
Often, when winter rolls around, we want to park our car indoors but there isn’t room enough. So read on and learn how you can regain control of your garage and take advantage of all this space while as well maximizing the area to fit your needs.
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